Inspiiired Freebies: 5 HQ Grunge Textures


Texture Tuesday is in full effect, and today we’ve got some great, high quality free grunge textures for you to download. If you design for a living, these textures should be downloaded and put into use immediately. read more

Inspiiired Freebies: 20 HQ black and white grunge textures


Today we’re back with another freebie for you and I think you’re really going to like these textures. We’re working on something big that will be released on Friday (#Clarity) so in the meantime I thought it was only right to release a set of 20 high quality grunge textures for your consumption. read more

Inspiiired Freebies: 16 HQ Black & White Grunge Textures


Another day, another set of free high quality grunge textures. Today we’ve got an awesome set of 15 black and white textures that were created from photos of bread. I know, right – how awesome is that! So grab the download, add them to your designs and let the grungy goodness begin. read more

Inspiiired Freebies: 20 blurred black and white background textures


Yesterday we released 20 blurred background textures in full color and today we’re back with a new set, but this time they’re in black & white. These high quality textures are perfect for your website backgrounds and print works. At 2000×2000 in size, they can be utilized in a lot of different areas, so it’s definitely a must-have for your designer’s toolbox. read more

Inspiiired Freebies: 20 blurred background textures


Today we’ve got a set of blurred background textures for you, which are a bit different than the other textures we’ve released on the site, but they’re equally awesome. Perfect for adding a light texture/style to your designs background, these blur textures should definitely be in your designer’s toolbox. read more

Inspiiired Freebies: 16 awesome bokeh textures

I took my camera out a while ago and shot some night shots. While driving home I thought it’d be nice to check out how well my camera takes bokeh photos while I was driving (I was in the passenger seat). So the outcome of that night was a set of 16 aewsome bokeh textures for your consumption. read more

Inspiiired Freebies: 14 Awesome Dirt & Mud Textures

Following our three massive free texture sets from yesterday (red track textures, tree bark textures & light grunge brick textures), we’ve got another set of 14 awesome dirt & mud textures for you. read more

Inspiiired Freebies: 14 Free Red Track Textures

The third and final free set for tonight is a set of 14 red textures. They’re a local track by my house that I went to walk at and I took some shots along the way. read more

Inspiiired Freebies: 13 Tremendous Tree Bark Textures

Like I was mentioning on Twitter tonight, I’ve got a backlog of freebies on my hard drive that I need to get uploaded so I can make room for the new shots on my cameras and get more in line. So that means you’re getting another massive set of textures. read more

Inspiiired Freebies: 25 Kick Ass Light Brick Grunge Textures

Another massive freebie set for you today in the form of 25 light brick textures that have a certain grunge feel to them. They’re massive in size and perfect for all kinds of design projects. Plus, they’re free to use for commercial and personal projects with no attribution required, so what’s not to love about them right? read more

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