50 Kick Ass WordPress Powered Websites #5


Today’s post is sponsored by WP Guerrilla, the #1 WordPress Showcase on the entire internet!

Another day, another showcase of awesome WordPress powered websites. Today we’re showing off our fifth installment of the 50 Kick Ass WordPress Powered Websites series, and the designs in this post are even better than the previous. read more

30 Totally awesome t-shirt designs


Fashion is something that we all use to define ourselves to the rest of the world, so it’s only right that we do it in style. These t-shirt designs are extremely stylish and will make you stand out in a crowd. From the bright vector designs to the sketchy and grungy look, we’ve got everything covered today. read more

50 Kick Ass WordPress Powered Websites #4


Today’s post is sponsored by WP Guerrilla, the #1 WordPress Showcase on the entire internet!

Something we haven’t done in a couple months is a WordPress powered website showcase, so today we’re back with the fourth installment in the series, giving you a glimpse at some of the awesome work that WordPress designers & developers do around the world. read more

Get inspired by the artwork of John Holcroft


Featuring a distinct dirty-vector style of design, John Holcroft recently popped up on my radar and I instantly became a fan of his work. Going beyond just making visually appealing graphics, he’s molded his designs to also paint a picture and cause you to think, which is absolutely beautiful. read more

35 Architecture websites for your inspiration


Today we’re going to look over some architecture websites and see if we can find any similarities between them as far as style and setup go. We know that websites in specific niches tend to follow the same trends, and architects aren’t much different. read more

Amazingly delicious food websites for your inspiration


I woke up this morning really hungry, so I did what anybody would do – I looked at delicious food website designs online. Just kidding, but I did wake up this morning with a need to browse some food inspired website designs in order to get inspiration for a new project I’m working on and I thought you’d enjoy the visual appeal of a bunch of awesome food websites. read more

40 Fresh freelance designer portfolios worth checking out


Trends come along and go with light speed, but one thing that remains a constant in the design world is top notch work by freelancers from around the world. An awesome portfolio of work never goes out of style, so today I want to feature 40 freelancers who have kick ass portfolios full of great work. read more

Design Trends: 25 Of The Coolest iPhone APP Website Designs #2


Mobile browsing is quickly becoming the norm for the majority of internet users, so being visually appealing with your app offerings is increasingly important. People judge a book by it’s cover, so your app website design better be top notch. read more

Inspiiired Flickr Group Showcase #4


One of my favorite things to do is browse Flickr and see all of the amazing work by designers who don’t normally get featured on design blogs. There’s such a large variety of styles, you’re bound to get inspired by something. Today we’re continuing our series of awesome designs that have been submitted to our Flickr group. read more

50 Kick Ass WordPress Powered Websites #3


Today’s post is sponsored by WP Guerrilla, the #1 WordPress Showcase on the entire internet!

In the spirit of the Clarity WordPress Theme being launched, we’re going to do our next installment of our Kick Ass WordPress themes series. I’m a huge WordPress fan. It’s changed my life and for that I’ll forever be grateful. read more

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