Introducing the Clarity WordPress Theme

The Clarity WordPress theme was built to showcase your content in a clean and professional way. Without the bloat that a lot of commercial WordPress themes have, Clarity is lightweight and built to do exactly what it should – elegantly present your content while letting you do what you do best; publish amazing articles.

Clarity is 100% Responsive

With nearly 40% of all web browsing done on mobile phones, you can no longer have a website that doesn’t display properly on mobile devices. Luckily for you, Clarity is built to be 100% responsive and work on all devices.

And because sticky navigation bars are quicker to navigate, the navigation bar in Clarity also stays stuck to the top of the screen after you scroll down the page, allowing your visitors to browse your site with ease.

Clarity WordPress Theme

Current version: 1.1.7 | Compatible: WordPress 3.5+


Core Clarity features

Clarity comes with a lot of built in greatness, from the responsive, search friendly code to the sticky navigation bar, but it also has some other neat features that will help you customize your blog even further.

Instantly customize colors
As of version 1.1.6, Clarity lets you use the built in Customize page to change colors of your theme and instantly see the changes on your screen.

Logo upload
The Customize page also now is used to upload your own Logo image. If you don’t have a logo, don’t worry – the theme displays your blog title and description by default.

Featured Slider
In the Clarity theme options panel you are able to upload images for the slider that displays on the home page. You can also give the image a URL to link to which makes this space perfect for featured content and announcements.

Post formats
The Clarity WordPress theme is set to work with WordPress post formats, so you’re able to publish regular blog posts, links, images, galleries, asides, videos quotes and more.

When you are using the Clarity WordPress theme, you can rest assured that it will work with whatever language you’d like to publish content with.

Full posts or excerpts
Also in the Clarity theme options panel is a spot to choose if you’d like to display the full post content on the home page or just use excerpts. Taking it one step further, we’ve added the option to display the posts’ featured image if you’d like.

Built in CSS styles for the Contact Form 7 plugin
I’m a big fan of the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin and use it on every website I build so I figured it was only right to have the CSS codes in place so your site will automatically stylize the forms you build with it to look great.

Update notifications
Receive theme update notices for life whenever updates are released, directly in your dashboard.

Clarity is also developer friendly

If you’re a WordPress developer and looking for a great responsive theme to use as a base for your client projects, Clarity is perfect for you. Built on a grid with clean and well documented code, you’ll be able to customize this theme with ease.

Curious to see how much you can customize this theme? Check out this post of websites that were built with Clarity.

With Clarity, the possibilities are endless!

Pricing that works for you

While most theme companies and individual theme providers have made it their main focus to get as much money out of you as possible, I believe that things should be priced differently, putting Clarity in more bloggers hands and making the web a better place at the same time.

Most WordPress theme providers are charging between $50-$99 per theme but The Clarity WordPress theme is priced at the low cost of $24.99, cutting the cost immediately in half when compared to other developers.

Give your blog Clarity

So what are you waiting for? You know it’s the right thing to do, so click the button below and get your copy of Clarity now.


Have a question? Get in touch.


v1.1.7 – 04/14/14

  • Updated style.css to change the blockquote style
  • Updated header.php to include the /css/dynamic.css file
  • Updated functions.php to use the newer code to declare background customization support
  • Updated /inc/theme-options.php adding an option to choose between full width and fixed width (960px)
  • Added /css/dynamic.php to change the css for the theme width based on your selection

v1.1.6 – 04/13/14

  • Updated footer.php to include new php that allows for users to customize the copyright bar via the theme options panel
  • Updated /inc/theme-options.php to include the new Footer Coypright box for users to customize the copyright bar
  • Updated /inc/slider.php to only show the slider on the home page and not page #2, etc
  • Updated header.php to include the body class php code which lets you customize the background color of the site and/or add an image
  • Updated header.php so if there’s no custom menu added to the “Navigation” location, no navigation bar shows up in the theme
  • Updated style.css to add ensure all .page and .post css have div’s in front of them so the css code doesn’t conflict with the new body classes
  • Updated style.css to add menu style options if the navigation menu is added to the header widget section
  • Updated /js/clarity-theme.js to add smooth dropdown to the navigation menu that’s added to the header widget section
  • Updated /css/flexslider.css to remove the padding from the bottom of the slider wrap
  • Removed the color style selector and the logo upload in the theme options panel
  • Added color choices for main theme elements and also a logo upload in APPEARANCE / CUSTOMIZE
  • Added support for “Guerrilla’s Work CPT” plugin.

v1.1.5 – 04/02/14

  • Updated theme options panel (optiontree) to v2.3.4
  • Updated functions.php file to give the three widget areas id’s
  • Updated footer.php to hide the .footerwidgets div if no widgets are added into the footer
  • Updated footer.php file to add in the link for the Smooth Scroll to Top button
  • Updated style.css to add in the CSS for the Smooth Scroll to Top button
  • Updated style.css to add in CSS for the drop down menu on mobile views
  • Updated style.css to remove the margin for the blog title in the header
  • Updated style.css to add box-sizing, which allows for borders to be applied to boxes without causing extra width issues
  • Updated style.css to customize the :focus effects on search box, comment boxes and contact form
  • Updated style.css to add fade in easing on button hover states
  • Updated /js/clarity.js to add in the jQuery codes for the Smooth Scroll to Top button
  • Updated /js/superfish.js to allow for sub-menu’s to display on mobile view
  • Updated /inc/loop-chat.php to display the_content() and never use the_excerpt()

v1.1.4 – 01/10/14

  • Added the .page css to the .post styling so pages have the same margin and overall style as the individual posts
  • Removed .post from css to allow for removal of the bottom border of the .page css on individual pages
  • Edited the comments.php file so trackbacks will now show up under the comments.
  • Edited the functions.php file to include dynamic ID’s to widgets.
  • Edited the footer.php file to add ‘clarity-theme.js’ file in, and remove some of the excess javascript codes.

v.1.1.3 – 11/27/13

  • Removed a tag from the index.php file that didn’t belong.
  • Changed the php the_date(‘Y’); in the footer to php echo date(‘Y’);
  • Updated footer.php file to reflect the new theme option panel which lets you select if you want the sticky navigation on or off
  • Updated theme options panel (optiontree) to v2.1.4
  • Updated CSS for ul/ol lists on pages and the h1/h2 title tags on pages.
  • Updated CSS for the chat post type p tag background color
  • Updated CSS for the header widget in the tablet and mobile layouts to clear the logo wrap
  • Updated CSS for the link post format in the mobile layout

v.1.1.2 – 10/15/13

  • Added additional css for the “Contact Form 7″ plugin, so now all options are styled to match the theme
  • Added CSS for the tag cloud widget links
  • Updated CSS for the search box
  • Updated the flexslider.css file so the slider caption doesn’t show the black bar if there’s no caption added into the theme options panel
  • Updated CSS for the page navigation

v.1.1.1 – 10/11/13

  • Changed all instances of “stylesheet_directory” to “template_directory” in order to support child themes

v.1.1.0 – 9/16/13

  • Added post format support
  • Added ‘archives’ page template
  • Added in localization
  • Updated some CSS styles for various components

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