Say hello to the FreeFlow WordPress theme

As a fellow freelancer fighting in the trenches, I’ve seen a need for a high quality, clean and polished WordPress theme that I can use to showcase my work and I set out to create one that I would personally be proud to use – and I hope you’re just as proud to use.


Current version: 1.0.0 | Compatible: WordPress 3.5+


FreeFlow uses the Portfolio plugin

The awesome Justin Tadlock has created and released the Custom Content Portfolio plugin that adds the Portfolio custom post type to your WordPress powered website and instead of baking these codes directly into the theme, we’ve used his plugin so if you ever decide to change themes in the future, you’ll be able to take the content from the portfolio with you – like it should be.

Core FreeFlow features

FreeFlow comes with a lot of built in greatness, from the responsive, search friendly code and other neat features that will help you customize your portfolio even further.

Unlimited color changing
The default colors that come with clarity is a nice minimalist black/white color combination, but within the theme options panel you can change colors for nearly everything in the theme, from the link colors, background colors and everything in between.

Custom Home Page Layout
FreeFlow features a customizable home page that lets you add in slides for the slider (see below), your recent portfolio pieces will automatically show under the slider and then you can select to show/hide the custom call to action bar as well as change the text and link for the button.

Featured Slider
In the FreeFlow theme options panel you are able to upload images for the slider that displays on the home page. You can also give the image a URL to link to which makes this space perfect for featured content and announcements.

Logo upload
The theme options panel also has a place for you to upload your own Logo image and favicon. If you don’t have a logo, don’t worry – the theme displays your blog title by default.

Post formats
The FreeFlow WordPress theme is set to work with WordPress post formats, so you’re able to publish regular blog posts, links, images, galleries, asides, videos quotes and more.

When you are using the FreeFlow WordPress theme, you can rest assured that it will work with whatever language you’d like to publish content with.

Full posts or excerpts
Also in the FreeFlow theme options panel is a spot to choose if you’d like to display the full post content on the home page or just use excerpts. Taking it one step further, we’ve added the option to display the posts’ featured image if you’d like.

Built in CSS styles for the Contact Form 7 plugin
I’m a big fan of the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin and use it on every website I build so I figured it was only right to have the CSS codes in place so your site will automatically stylize the forms you build with it to look great.

Update notifications
You will receive a notification right in your WordPress dashboard when there’s an updated version of the theme and you can update directly in your WordPress dashboard automatically.

Update your portfolio now!

So what are you waiting for? You know it’s the right thing to do, so click the button below and get your copy of FreeFlow now.


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