Inspiiired Flickr Group Showcase #3

Flickr is a great place to not only get design inspiration but also showcase your work. And what better place to showcase your work as well as get some inspiration than the Inspiiired Flickr Group! Today I’ve went ahead and rounded up some of the best artwork from the group for your design inspiration.

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I ♥ adaptive web design


◊ Alpha ◊

Briga de Bar / Bar Fight

lets get it on

SAoS - Warm tone

Drogas / Drugs #4

SAoS - Lost and Taken poster - Mockup

Drogas / Drugs #3

Guns of Brixton

Comendo com os olhos (eating with your eyes)

S  P  H  I  N  X


SAoS - Project 52 - 1st leg - The mixtape - Cover

Don’t forget to spend some time at the Inspiiired Flickr Group and make sure you join and add your images. We’ll be doing these posts every so often, so if your images are in there, you’ve got a good chance of being featured!

Flickr Group Showcase Series

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  1. Simon H. says:

    Thanks for the extensive feature guys!

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