Top Inspiiired Freebies in 2011

We officially launched on January 1st of 2011 and had an entire year to release freebies, post up inspiration and showcase various resources and other items for designers & creative types. While we didn’t publish as many freebies as we would have liked to in 2011, we did release some really nice stuff for you.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the best inspiiired freebies from 2011!

Inspiiired Freebies: 16 awesome bokeh textures

Inspiiired Freebies: 14 Awesome Dirt & Mud Textures

Inspiiired Freebies: Cracked grunge photoshop brushes

Inspiiired Freebies: Grab Bag Texture Set

Inspiiired Freebies: 14 hand drawn social media icons

Inspiiired Freebies: 25 Kick Ass Light Brick Grunge Textures

Inspiiired Freebies: Corner grunge photoshop brushes

Inspired Freebies: 11 Awesome Dumpster Rust Textures

Inspired Freebies: 17 Kick Ass Light Rock Grunge Textures

Inspiiired Freebies: High Quality Cloud Photoshop Brushes

What to expect in 2012

We’re working hard, as we speak, on building some pretty cool stuff to release for your design projects. Keep an eye on the blog because what we didn’t do in 2011, we’re damn sure going to do in 2012!

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